AMA, AHIP, NAACOS release data-sharing guide for value-based care

The American Medical Association, the insurance trade group AHIP and the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations jointly released recommendations to facilitate data sharing among participants in value-based care arrangements on Tuesday.

The three organizations described the guidelines as the first product emerging from their partnership.

“When diverse minds and perspectives collaborate, the true potential of value-based care emerges,” AHIP President and CEO Matt Eyles said in a news release. “The playbook represents collective effort and shared responsibility, with the goal of reshaping the healthcare landscape, empowering patients, reducing operational burden and driving positive change.”

The AMA, AHIP and the National Association of ACOs seek to address differences in value-based care data and methodologies, including how patients are attributed and how data are shared, so that participants can improve outcomes, quality, operations and financial accountability, according to the report. Data privacy concerns, unstandardized data and differing data infrastructure are among the challenges the groups identified.

An advisory panel comprising representatives from health insurance companies, physician practices and valued-based care companies contributed to the report. The AMA, AHIP and the National Association of ACOs recommend value-based care arrangement participants collaborate to create an interoperable data ecosystem, expand data sharing, exchange insights and collect more information to advance health equity.

“The success of value-based care hinges on delivering the best care, in the proper setting, at the right time,” National Association of ACOs President and CEO Clif Gaus said in the news release. “To do that, clinicians need timely, actionable data. Our recommendations for both policy and private industry data-sharing aim to ensure sustained success and growth of value-based care.”

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